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Doing business online is becoming more and more common. If you have a business idea, it is easy to start nowadays with many guides and platforms available online. However, there are some regulations that business owners will have to take note before you start your business. It is important to ensure that your business operates legally to avoid any disputes or problems in the future.


Do I need to register, apply or incorporate a company with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA) in order to operate my online business?

Businesses in Singapore, regardless of online or offline, are  allowed to operate without registering with ACRA only if:

  • You choose to conduct business using your full name as reflected in your NRIC.

  • You choose to conduct the business with one or more partners using their full names as reflected in their NRICs.

E.g. If you operate your online business under your name “John Tan”, it will be acceptable, but if you want to name your business “Papa John’s Burgers”, you will have to register your business with ACRA before operating.


If I need to register my online business with ACRA, can I use my home address as the registered business address?

For residents living in HDB flats, it is not allowed for businesses to use the address as the registered business address as the use of the flat is supposed to be mainly for residential purposes and not for business use. Prior approval is necessary before you use the address as your registered business address (subjected to approval by HDB). For more information, you can visit: HDB website.

For residents living in private property, you can use your address as the registered business address, but prior notice and approval is required by URA (the Urban Redevelopment Authority). For more information, you can visit: URA Website.


What can I do if I need a registered business address?

Home Based Business owners who require a registered business address may do so by engaging the use of a registered business address service.

You can use the registered business address service as your registered address for your company/business on ACRA.

The address must be:

  • Official address of the company

  • Approved for commercial use and is not a PO Box

  • All communications, letters and legal documents once proved delivered to this address are deemed to be delivered

  • Open to the public for at least 3 working hours during a work day

For more information about registered business address: Click here.


Can I operate my business from my home?

The Housing Development Board (HDB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) now allows Home Based Businesses to operate from home, as long as they meet the following criteria:

  1. The business is wholly owned and operated by the home owner. No person outside the household is to be employed.

  2. No advertisement or signboards related to the home based business are to be displayed outside the home.

  3. No extraneous traffic is introduced to the site.

  4. The business should not create excessive disturbance or nuisances or danger to the surrounding residents.

  5. No loading and unloading of goods by vans and trucks.

  6. The activities must comply with the rules and regulations of other authorities.

Examples of Home Based Businesses are:

  1. Baking on a small scale

  2. Hairdressing and beauty-related services, excluding massage services

  3. Private tuition for not more than 3 students

  4. Sewing services

  5. Freelance work


Lionsworld Registered Address Service

Lionsworld Registered Address service offers a flexible and budget-friendly alternative to owning a dedicated office space. Leverage on our business address while working from overseas or from home, at a considerably more affordable price. Build your business from anywhere around the world, while we keep you posted with your latest mail arrivals.

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  • Host discussions at our meeting & conference rooms and 24/7 clubhouse facilities

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