Incorporation & Secretarial Support

Lionsworld Incorporation is an integrated business solutions provider offering company incorporation and secretarial services. Established in 1982, we have incorporated over 10,000 companies in Singapore. As a licensed Company Secretary, our clientele includes both local and foreign entrepreneurs, and businesses ranging from sole proprietors and small startups to SMEs.

Why do you need a Company Secretary?

Singapore is well-recognized as a global business hub, and an excellent choice for aspiring entrepreneurs to start their business ventures. Yet, most entrepreneurs will find that the extensive and tedious paperwork required to manage a business is keeping them from their ultimate goal – to concentrate on ways to make profit!

In order to ensure that your business is fully compliant with ACRA’s regulations, you will need a licensed Company Secretary. Our dedicated team of staff are well-trained and equipped with the necessary expertise to advise and help you incorporate your company in the most efficient manner. With Lionsworld, you will receive professional assistance at every step in establishing a legal business entity in Singapore.

Have you met the basic requirements to set up a company?

✔ Minimum 1 Company Secretary

✔ Minimum 1 Shareholder; Maximum 50 Shareholders

✔ Minimum 1 Locally Resident Director

✔ Minimum paid-up capital of $1

✔ Singapore registered office address

✔ Desirable company name (Must be approved by ACRA)

If the answer is yes, click here to find out how to incorporate your company with ACRA.